20201111 Letter to the editor of The New York Times on ignoring Veterans’ Day.

To the Editor,

I was disappointed to see no mention of Veterans’ Day on the front page of the National Edition of The New York Times this morning. I would have accepted a preview of a story in the National Section below the fold.

I understand that the newsworthiness of the election and the pandemic are paramount. However, there are some institutions and norms that bring us together as a people, and Veterans’ Day is one of them. President-Elect Joe Biden has asked us to help him “restore the soul of this nation.” As the editor, you could reject the disrespect of institutions and norms that is a pandemic of the soul and bring our myths and symbols into the 21st Century. I, a lowly reader from a rural town in Arizona, request you do so.

Thank you for your hard work and precision in reporting the news. I depend on your content to inform me, and I depend on the Sunday Times to keep me curious and give me wonder. I only offer this chastisement because I love the institution of your paper.

All my best,
Vance Bryce

One thought on “20201111 Letter to the editor of The New York Times on ignoring Veterans’ Day.

  1. Great letter! Definitely an important message and reminder. The kids at Hannah’s junior high all wore their Sunday best to school today in honor of Veterans Day. Thanks for sending this to me!


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