20201111 Letter to the editor of The New York Times on ignoring Veterans’ Day.

To the Editor,

I was disappointed to see no mention of Veterans’ Day on the front page of the National Edition of The New York Times this morning. I would have accepted a preview of a story in the National Section below the fold.

I understand that the newsworthiness of the election and the pandemic are paramount. However, there are some institutions and norms that bring us together as a people, and Veterans’ Day is one of them. President-Elect Joe Biden has asked us to help him “restore the soul of this nation.” As the editor, you could reject the disrespect of institutions and norms that is a pandemic of the soul and bring our myths and symbols into the 21st Century. I, a lowly reader from a rural town in Arizona, request you do so.

Thank you for your hard work and precision in reporting the news. I depend on your content to inform me, and I depend on the Sunday Times to keep me curious and give me wonder. I only offer this chastisement because I love the institution of your paper.

All my best,
Vance Bryce