My name is Vance Marcus Bryce. I grew up in Central, in the Gila Valley of southeastern Arizona.  I am committed to creating better communities, and I am interested in continually improving myself into a high quality, action oriented, and individually empathetic leader.

I am the Executive Director of the Graham County Chamber of Commerce, where I serve and collaborate with the small business community in our part of Arizona.

I love to read and write about places and people. I enjoy walking on all kinds of trails and meeting each unique person that graces the miracle of the home that we call Earth. I love all animals (expect for snakes, which are the worst). I love food that comes in or on tortillas, naan, crepes, bread, and especially pizza crusts.

I graduated from Thatcher High School in 2008. While I was nowhere near the top 10 GPA ranks in my class, I served all four years in the student elected Council and I served two years on the administration nominated Site Council.

My senior year I served as Student Body President, representing all of the students at the school. This service represents countless volunteer hours and specialized leadership training.

I earned my B.A. degree in American Studies from Brigham Young University. My coursework included American Literature and Folklore, Urbanism, and multi-disciplinary Eco Criticism. I volunteered with the Student Activities office, served on the American Studies Student Council, the College of Humanities Student Council, and the University-wide Student Advisory Board.

It was while I was at BYU that I began to understand that communities are not united, healthy, or sustainable when the voice of the people is limited to those who look, act, and feel the same ways as ourselves.

I learned hard lessons in my relationships with those around me, the excellent coursework my professors presented, and by learning about myself. I am a Mormon and Gay. My experience navigating through, and serving as a leader in, both of these communities has given me insight into how essential it is to demand that all voices are heard in organizing united, healthy, and sustainable communities.

After graduating, I moved to Washington, DC to pursue a law degree and to learn a thing or two about the U.S. Federal Government. I quickly discovered that I enjoyed the fast pace and long hours of Capitol Hill. I abandoned my law degree to throw myself into learning about and gaining experience in Congress. From 2016 to 2018 I served on the staff of Congressman Mike Thompson, who represents the people of California’s 5th District in the United States Congress.

I have a strong connection to the land, the people, and especially the food, of The Gila Valley.

2020 Profile

If you need further information, please contact me at vancebryce@icloud.com

Vance Marcus Bryce

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